Grist Slate & Tile Shop

  • Location

    Langford, BC
  • Products Used

    Slate; Copper
  • Overview

    We built our shop as a true showcase of our work, highlighting the quality of the craftsmanship as well as some of the different methods and designs we use during installations. To create this showpiece, we installed the slate differently on each side of the roof. The front roof has new slate installed in a traditional manner, with slated valleys in both black and green that form an elegant diamond pattern. The back roof uses reclaimed slate from 1892, installed in a staggered butt style. In addition to the roof, we used slate for the wall cladding, installing it in five different styles to emphasize the true variety in application methods. Finally, we incorporated two decorative elements on the gable ends: an 18-foot-petal flower and six-foot-wide raven, all made of slate. Come see it for yourself!