Grist at a Glance

  • Why should I choose Grist Slate and Copper Roofing?

    Experience and Expertise
    With over 34 years of experience focusing on slate and copper roofs, we can guarantee quality craftsmanship with every project.

    Top-Quality Products
    We only use the best products and never use substandard Grades. A Manufacturer’s Product Warranty will be provided when applicable and protected through adherence to or above industry standards.

    Transparency and Communication
    We will provide a written description of every project, detailing the work to be completed and the materials to be used. The contract will also stipulate price, a detailed scope of work, insurance and WCB numbers. A supervisor will be on site and available to you throughout the process and after the work is completed.

    Committed to Our Clients
    We believe in getting every detail right and delivering results that exceed expectations.

  • What are the benefits of slate roofs?

    In addition to their elegant appearance, slate roofs are low-maintenance, incredibly durable, and resistant to fire, mold, staining, and frost. With the right installation, they can last much longer than a century.

    Energy Efficient
    Slate roofs help keep your house or building cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

    Environmentally Friendly
    A naturally occurring material, slate is the product of millions of years of geologic activity. As such, it does not contain the petroleum-based products associated with other roofing materials, like asphalt shingles. Slate excavation has a low environmental impact and, unlike asphalt roofing, produces very little waste. Moreover, it can be re-used at the end of its (long) life.

    A Good Investment
    A slate roof can dramatically increase the resale value of your home.

  • What is important to know when it comes to slate roofing?

    Installing slate roofs is an art, a craft whose lessons have been honed and passed down over centuries. This type of roofing needs to be installed by experts. Anything less can result in broken slates and structural damage. Installed properly, your slate roof will be long-lasting and beautiful—well worth the price.

  • What are the benefits of copper?

    Whether it’s the shiny copper color of a brand-new installation or the elegant green patina that comes with time, a copper roof makes a stunning addition to any home or building.

    When installed correctly, copper roofs can last longer than a century. Resistant to fire, mildew, freezing and thawing periods, hail, and wind, copper roofs are durable and easy to maintain.

    A Good Investment
    Due to its aesthetic appeal and longevity, a copper roof can increase the resale value of your home or building.

    Lightweight and Flexible
    While copper is a metal, it’s surprisingly lightweight, putting less stress on your home or building’s structure. The flexibility of the material makes it perfect for customization.

  • Does Grist Slate and Copper Roofing work outside of British Columbia?

    Yes. We’ve worked on projects in Western Canada and frequently work with architects from all over North America.

  • Why are your rates higher than those of other roofing companies?

    We may not be the cheapest company, but we’re proud to say we’re among the best—applying our decades of expertise and bringing meticulous attention to detail to every project. Slate and copper are more expensive than other roofing materials, but they’re worth the price when you factor in all of the benefits, including their longevity. Installing them is a specialty job that should only be done by experts.

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